Tastings in the Ebro Delta​

Each flavor, from vermouth to delicate mussels, is a shared experience that strengthens relationships. 

And with each toast of rosé cava, we celebrate the essence of the Lands of the Ebro, the camaraderie, and the unity of your team.



Dive into the soul of the Delta with our Vermouth Rapitenc, the essence in a bottle, crafted with passion and the finest ingredients

Each sip is a journey through the rich history and tradition of these lands.

Vermouth & Mussels

Discover the perfect harmony between Vermouth Rapitenc and the fresh mussels of the Delta. 

Our premium 'VARIAT' is not just a tasting, it's a celebration of a popular tradition, uniting flavours and people in a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. 

Cava Toast​

Elevate your senses and the experience with a toast of rosé cava, chosen to complement the richness of flavours and the beauty of the surroundings​.

Each toast is a tribute to the Delta, its culture, and the connection formed among those who share it.​​  

a close up of a piece of bread

Cava Toast & Sweet Pastries​

Elevate the moment, taste artisan pastries and toast with rosé cava, the perfect spark promising an unforgettable and flavourful experience for your team.​

Thus, at Natura&Aventura, each tasting is much more than a culinary experience; it's a journey through flavours, history, and community, uniting your team in a shared and lasting memory."