In the year 2000, in the heart of the Delta del Ebro, Natura & Aventura was born with the purpose of showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the delta to tourists visiting the region. Behind this initiative was Pere Dassoy, an economist from La Ràpita, who, driven by his love for nature and his desire to escape the confines of an office, decided to embark on this adventure.

Although Pere studied economics and completed his master's in Tourism, his true passion was always in the natural world. He dreamed of being a veterinarian, biologist, or even a forest ranger, but life took him on a different path. However, his love for nature and animals never diminished. This passion is reflected in every activity that Natura & Aventura offers, and in the tranquility and serenity that Pere transmits to all those around him.

The beginnings were humble, renting canoes and bicycles for their activities. But with determination and effort, Pere acquired his own equipment and expanded the services of Natura & Aventura. What started as a company focused on tourism during the high seasons evolved to offer unique experiences to companies seeking an escape in nature.

The Delta del Ebro is not just a place for Pere; it is his inspiration, his home, and the heart of Natura & Aventure. 



At Natura & Aventura, our mission is to establish deep connections in nature that strengthen teams. We seek to enhance communication, collaboration, and cohesion in the magnificent environment of the Ebro Delta. We believe in inspiring personal and professional growth, building resilient and successful team​


Connecting with nature is our essence. We aspire for each experience in the Ebro Delta to enrich the corporate life of our clients. Our vision is to be the bridge between nature and the business world, redefining and strengthening team dynamics through unique adventures. We invite you to live this adventure with us and discover how nature can transform your company.


They are the pillar that guides every decision and action we take:

  1. Customer Service: Each client is a story, a set of aspirations and dreams. We offer activities and moments that endure in memory. We feel a deep gratitude for each person who chooses to trust us, and it is this gratitude that drives us to go further, to listen with the heart and to act with passion. We want each client to feel that they are part of the Natura & Aventura family, and that each shared experience is a chapter full of emotion and meaning in their journey with us.
  2. Respect for Nature: The Ebro Delta is more than a place; it's our home and our inspiration. We commit to protecting and conserving this magnificent environment, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy its beauty and diversity.
  3. Pursuit of Happiness: For us, happiness is not just a goal, but a philosophy of life. We strive to create experiences that generate joy, connection, and well-being, both for our clients and our team.


  1. Born from the heart of the Ebro:The essence of Natura & Aventura is rooted in the Ebro Delta. Founded by a nature enthusiast and native of the region, our company is a reflection of a genuine passion for the environment
  2. Commitment to the Nature: Every activity we offer is a celebration of the Ebro Delta. We strive to protect and preserve this environment, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy its beauty.
  3. Customized design for your team: Each team is unique, and at Natura & Aventura, we dedicate ourselves to designing experiences that resonate with the aspirations and goals of each company.
  4. Focus on Well-Being: Our activities go beyond simple team building; we promote well-being, connection, and joy in every adventure.
  5. Tangible Impact: We offer more than just adventures. Our experiences generate a positive impact on team cohesion, communication, and personal development.
  6. Accessibility and Flexibility: We understand the different needs and capabilities of individuals, and strive to offer options that are inclusive and suitable for everyone.