Natura&Aventura Base Camp

Welcome to the beating heart of the Delta del Ebro: The Natura & Aventura Base Camp. Here, in the Alfacs Bay, lies our oasis; a space where every whisper of nature tells a passionate story​

Here, in the Alfacs Bay, from the serene charm of La Ràpita and with views of the lively mussel and oyster nurseries, we invite you to immerse yourselves in a journey that goes beyond physical adventure. It is a journey to the heart of nature, a tribute to the magic of the perfect balance between land and se.

The Delta, with its status as a Biosphere Reserve, is not just a geographical wonder but a living lesson in collaboration and coexistence. Observe how birds, fish, and land fauna orchestrate a daily dance, showing that working together achieves wonders. 

At Base Camp, your comfort is our priority. We offer ample parking, and a shaded corner, ideal for relaxing after your explorations. 

Welcome to the Natura & Aventura Base Camp, in the Delta del Ebro! 

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